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Track Records

Below are our Track Records Investing in Major Stock Markets

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Rated as Top Performing Market Alert Service, we email signals to subscribers whenever the stock markets indicate an upward trend or downward trend.  Using the signals to invest in market index component stocks or ETFs, potential gains could reach more than 100 % in 1 year.  By clicking the market files below, you will see the past history of trading transactions in the major stock markets. The transactions are based on trading of index futures or ETFs which allow for both buying and selling, so the trading gains could be measured well.

There are new market trend data services for investors who wish to trace the US Nasdaq, Hong Kong Hang Seng, Hong Kong Technical and Shanghai markets. Please click Subscribe to see details. 

For investors who wish to auto-trade our signals due to busy daily schedules, Global AutoTrading can provide trading service for the US market for you.  Just open a subscription account with us and an account with Global Auto Trading and they will execute trading transactions of your chosen stock or ETF according to our email alert newsletters.

Autotrade with Global AutoTrading

Global AutoTrading specializes in autotrading equities and options, including fast moving instruments like spreads and other combinations. US & International traders are welcome. Global AutoTrading uses mainly Interactive Brokers, thus commissions start from $1 per equity trade and $0.70 (plus exchange, regulatory, and clearing fees) per option contract (and lower, the more we trade each month). If you have an existing account with IB, no need to open a new account! Please visit the Global AutoTrading web site for general information about the autotrading services offered.

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New York London Shanghai Hong Kong
Year Quarter Market Track Record
Our % Gain This Year
Market % Gain
Dow Jones 220%
Shanghai -%
Hang Seng -%


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Trading of index futures is speculative and involves higher risk than stock trading. Stop loss limits should be set for trades.   It is not suitable for every investor and one should consider trading it based on one's own experience, objectives, financial position, availability of time and risk tolerance level.