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Our latest market alerts:   Nov 13: signaled upward trend for Dow Jones Industrial Avg market at 26248;  

 Dagian  Asset  Management

Our Stock Market Trend Signals have been rated as top performing market alert service

With profit level over 120% on average in 5 months !

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For investors who don't have the time to monitor the stock markets but would like to achieve high returns on investment, our service is the best choice for them. To beat the volatility of the stock markets, our financial modelling system sends timely stock market trend signals to our subscribers through email or whatsapp on mobile phone or autotrading newsletters. By making reference to the system's market up or down signals, our subscribers have, on the average, made gains which are superior to other methodologies, often not less than 90% per year for those who are aggressive.  The system monitors the markets closely and forecasts the trend of the markets going upwards or downwards. The subscriber chooses his own trading product such as composite stocks, ETFs or index trading which follow the market index closely and can have an upper hand by making reference to the system's signals.  Our financial model has undergone years of perfection and is uniquely outstanding by incorporating the concepts of a Nobel Prize winner.   Please take a look at our Track Records and click  Subscribe to register as a subscriber now.  

For investors who wish to trade in other markets besides Dow Jones, we offer NASDAQ, Hong Kong Hang Seng, Hong Kong Technical and Shanghai, please click Subscribe to see details.

For investors who wish to auto-trade our signals due to busy daily schedules, Global AutoTrading can provide trading service for the US market for you.  Just open a subscription account with us and an account with Global Auto Trading and they will execute trading transactions of your chosen stock or ETF according to our email alert newsletters.

Autotrade with Global AutoTrading

Global AutoTrading specializes in autotrading equities and options, including fast moving instruments like spreads and other combinations. US & International traders are welcome. Global AutoTrading uses mainly Interactive Brokers, thus commissions start from $1 per equity trade and $0.70 (plus exchange, regulatory, and clearing fees) per option contract (and lower, the more we trade each month). If you have an existing account with IB, no need to open a new account! Please visit the Global AutoTrading web site for general information about the autotrading services offered.

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Top Performing Market Alert Service

Our latest market alerts:


Nov 13: signaled upward trend for Dow Jones Industrial Avg market at 26248;


When choosing investments, please focus on investment products which follow closely the trend of market indices, in the order of index composite stocks, ETFs or stocks with good correlation to the index.  There are other markets being offered, please click Subscribe for details.


Track Records or performance results have inherent limitations and some are described below.  There is no representation made that any trade will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. There are often differences between the signals sent out and the market values due to time delay, and between track records and actual results subsequently achieved.

Our trading signals are realtime and traded in actual markets of US and Hong Kong, the transactions registered are matched with actual signals traded and sent out to subscribers.  One of the limitations is the time required to prepare the email alert and the transmission time, and the time required by the subscriber to read the email alert and to take appropriate action. 

For the Shanghai market, we will be offering signal service soon.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.



Our market alerts are displayed here several days after signalled by our financial analysis system. To receive market alerts instantly, please subscribe to our email MARKET TREND DATA SERVICE.  By engaging an autotrading service provider, the effort to monitor the alerts closely can be minimized.  If you conduct your own trading according to our signals, please remember to set stop loss limits for your investments and to reserve funds for contingency trades.

Our % Gain This Year
Market % Gain
Dow Jones 220%
Shanghai -%
Hang Seng -%


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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our services, your comments or suggestions are most welcomed.  



Trading of index futures is speculative and involves higher risk than stock trading. Stop loss limits should be set for trades.   It is not suitable for every investor and one should consider trading it based on one's own experience, objectives, financial position, availability of time and risk tolerance level.