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Trading of index futures is speculative and involves higher risk than stock trading.  It is not suitable for every investor and one should consider trading it based on experience, objectives, financial position and time for investing.
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To Succeed As An Investor You Need At Least These 3 Basic Qualities

An Advantage. You get this by following a proven and reliable trading system. The system must issue clear and objective signals. This will help you trade without any emotions to distract you from your long-term objectives.

Discipline. You must have the discipline to follow the system. Once you second-guess a system, it becomes useless to you. You must also be able to conquer fear and greed.

Adequate Funds. You must always be conservative and have adequate reserve funds. Trading is like any other business; you must be well capitalized to succeed in the long run.


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Trading of index futures is speculative and involves higher risk than stock trading. Stop loss limits should be set for trades.   It is not suitable for every investor and one should consider trading it based on one's own experience, objectives, financial position, availability of time and risk tolerance level.