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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Dagian Market Alert Service?
We have a financial modelling system which can effectively forecast whether a stock market is going up or going down.  It sends out signals to give you reference in trading the selected stock markets.  The time the market starts to rise or the time it starts to fall, is sent to subscribers by email or whatsapp immediately when a signal appears. Upon receipt, the subscriber can make reference to the signal and execute a trading transaction on a product he chooses, at a price not too far away from the value of the index when the signal is sent.  You are welcomed to offer an acceptable monthly fee for our service.
2. When are the martket alerts sent out?
Almost 60% of the USA market alerts are sent out before the market opening hours of 9:30 a.m.  Alerts are also sent when the market makes a turnaround during the rest of the trading hours, if the market showed a drastically different trend as a result of unforeseen news.

3. HSI index
For most of the world's markets, we track the trend of their main market indices such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P, SHICOM and FTSE.. But for the Hong Kong market, it is led by the index futures market and is much more volatile. Therefore we use the futures index to track the HSI market. 
4. Payment to Dagian.com
Payment for subscription may be made in any currency supported by PayPal, including all major currencies :

Canadian Dollars
Pounds Sterling
U.S. Dollars
Australian Dollars
New Zealand Dollars
Swiss Francs
Hong Kong Dollars
Singapore Dollars
Swedish Kronor
Danish Kroner
Polish Zloty
Norwegian Kroner
Hungarian Forint
Czech Koruna

As soon as payment is made and notification is received by dagian.com, you will start receiving the market alerts. A signal will be sent when a market trend is identified and will remain in force until the next signal appears.  However, due to volatile market conditions these days, open positions should be closed by end of play to avoid unforeseen news or market volatility.

5. What is a cookie and how can I enable it?
A cookie is a very small text file that is put on your hard drive by some Web pages to be used by other Web pages. Most pages on this Web site requires your browsers to have the cookie feature turned on to be viewed properly. Cookies does not compromise your privacy.
To enable it, follow these instructions:

For Internet Explorer,

1. Choose Tools, then
2. Internet Options.
3. Click the Privacy tab,
4. Move the slider to enable Accept Cookies

6. Basic Qualities of a Successful Investor
To succeed as an investor you need at least these 3 basic qualities:

An Advantage. You get this by following a proven and reliable system. The system must issue clear and objective signals. This will help you trade without any emotions distracting you from your long-term objectives.

Discipline. You must have the discipline to follow the system. Once you second-guess a system, it becomes useless to you. You must also be able to conquer fear and greed.  Stop loss limits should be set to avoid pitfalls due to volatile market conditions.

Adequate Funds. You must always be conservative and have adequate reserve funds. Trading is like any other business; you must be well capitalized to succeed in the long run.

7. Investment Jargons
InvestorWords.com has one of the largest collection of explanation notes of Investment and Financial Jargons. Click here to search for the jargon you are interested in.


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Dow Jones 220%
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our services, your comments or suggestions are most welcomed.  



Trading of index futures is speculative and involves higher risk than stock trading. Stop loss limits should be set for trades.   It is not suitable for every investor and one should consider trading it based on one's own experience, objectives, financial position, availability of time and risk tolerance level.